Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Semester Wrap Up

Wow, my last blog post of the semester. I can't believe how fast the semester ended, seems like it was the first day of class last week. I learned some useful knowledge this semester. A couple things I learned in this class, Gen 2243 Exploring Your Digital Portfolio, was how to utilize the internet and  the vast resources it provides the world. I was able to develop a personal learning network in a professional manner, and also how to create a website. Before this class I was unable to use the internet to its full potential, my only experience with it was social media, news, and youtube videos. After this class I was able to create my own digital identity in a professional way, connecting me to thousands of different online users and potential employers. My professor Kyle Calderwood showed us how to use a plethora of different tools that would benefit our college experience and personal lives. I used to be close-minded about the internet because I saw only the negative uses of it. I am now aware of what an extraordinary tool it really is and it's all thanks to Professor Calderwood. I highly recommend taking this class if you are interested, it can really benefit you if you're not to tech savvy or even if you want to better understand how to use the internet. The class was as much fun as it was educational and I know I took a considerable amount of knowledge from it.

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