Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Digital Storytelling and It's Impact on Education

I have recently experimented with a digital storytelling application called Pixton. It was the first time I used digital storytelling to make a presentation and it was a cool change from slides in a Powerpoint. Digital storytelling is a way of presenting a story through multimedia. It's a great way to expand on ones creativity. Digital storytelling can make more of an impression on audiences then just any normal slide or powerpoint presentation, the digital storytelling aspect is a cool change up for any type of presentation. Applications such as MindMaple and Popplet are great ways of brainstorming and organizing ideas. Both applications display ideas by web and lead from main focuses to subsets and other add-on ideas. These two applications are great because instead of having the user work on one slide or piece of the project at a time it displays all of the slides to create a larger perspective of the presentation which allows the user to remember their point.

As you can imagine, digital storytelling has become a popular educational too for teachers. Applications such as AnimotoPowtoon, and Toontastic have a variety of tools to create a fun and engaging educational presentation. Digital storytelling has become a very popular educational tool because the educator creates the story how they want and based off what they want to teach the student. These apps give educators the tools to create their own type of cartoon show that students can really engage in and take from. Voki is another digital storytelling app that mainly focuses on audio. I think Voki is unique because it brings the oral aspect of learning into the electronic educational  platform. Majority of the time communication is based of emails, messages, blogs etc. With Voki students submit assignments but still have to engage in the oral aspect of the presentation. Even though the student is still behind a laptop or tablet there is still a verbal presence through the presentation. 

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