Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Chrome Extensions/Apps That Will Save You Time When Studying

As you all know, note taking is a crucial part of learning, especially in college. These 6 Google Chrome Note Taking Apps help improve your note taking productivity. 4 of the apps can even be used offline. All have auto save with an option of cloud save as well. Quick Note is a popular chrome app used for light note taking. You can save clippings from any sources and upload them anywhere through cloud. The app also has a search function that allows quick and easy recovery of saved information. Memo Notepad is another note taking chrome app, similar to Quick Note but more basic. Memo Notepad saves as you type, when used offline automatically upload to cloud, can upload bookmarks as well. Scribble, another note taking app, lets users customize it to our personal liking by adding colors and lists. Has similar features to Quick Note but with more customizable functions. Writebox is very simple like Memo Notepad, it is an offline text editor for Dropbox and Google Drive. Automatically saves to both platforms and is easy and simple to use. Last two Chrome apps are more for recreational and personal note taking or journaling. Journal is personal blog type note taking app that you can add pictures to with specific dates and locations to revisit/relive your experiences. Sticky Notes is a fun note taking app that lets the user customize colors, fonts, texts etc. The app allows for functions similar to the rest such as web clippings, sharing, cloud syncing etc.

Another great chrome extension, specifically for long article reading, is TDLR (Too Long, Didn't Read). TDLR condenses long articles into shortened versions. The app also gives you the option of picking a certain percentage of the article to summarize. The app is able to do this all while remaining on the same web page as the article. This Chrome extension can provide quicker productivity for students summarizing or just reading articles. For users that like to have their bookmarks or extensions at their finger tips, Symbaloo is a great extension that allows the user to create and customize shortcuts and bookmarks. Symbaloo lets you organize your shortcuts into specific categories and lets you access your bookmarks quick and easily. 

This week I read chapter 5: Using Tools to Support Connected Learning, of theThe Connected Educator. The chapter discussed various different tools to help build and manage a personal learning network. Topics discussed were tools for documenting and archiving learning, tools for connecting and collaborating, tools for social networking, tools for extending learning in the classroom and lastly managing your online reputation. Bookmarking tools such as Delicious and Diigo were introduced. These tools allow users to annotate, web clip, share and organize all their information stored. Blogging tools to connect and collaborate such as Edublog were recommended, edublog allows educators, students and parents to connect. It allows for the parent and educator to guide the student and add input. Some great tips for managing your online reputation were given. One tip in particular to help you see how you are perceived online is using google alerts and analytics. The google alert will show you when and where your name pops up online to keep you aware of your reputation on the web. 

Last class each of us presented our social media etiquette presentation. We all picked a specific person who displayed bad social media etiquette and posted negative remarks, ultimately costing most of them their professional careers. For my presentation I used the Prezi presentation tool, I used Businessinsider's former CTO Pax Dickinson as an example of a person who displays bad social media etiquette. Pax posted many sexist, racist, and demeaning tweets which in the end got him terminated from Business Insider. One of my favorite presentations of the night was Nick Barlotta's Haiku deck presentation of former NFL running back Larry Johnson. Larry had tweeted some negative tweets to fans using gay slurs and tweets suggesting 9/11 was a hoax. The former NFL running backs track record was hilariously atrocious. Over 5 arrests with assault and batteries involved with other men and women at clubs, needless to say the guys a maniac and Nick's presentation showed well of that.   

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