Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Amazing iPad Apps That Make Learning A Lot More Exciting...

Since Apple invented the iPad it has been used in a variety of ways, recently it has been revolutionizing how we learn. Specifically learning for our younger generation. The iPad is very easy to use and more appealing then traditional pen and paper. Children respond really well to learning on their iPads and teachers are realizing this. A very popular application that thousands of educators have become fond of is Educreations. Educreations is a whiteboard application that allows educators to connect and share lesson plans within a cloud between all of their students. The app is extremely user friendly for children and has multi functionality. Educreations allows for voice recording, picture uploading and editing, and a convert to text feature for messy writing. "One of the values educators look for in tech tools is student usability, and with Educreations, teachers say the tool is straightforward enough to incorporate into student work"(KQED). 

Another emerging educational application is the ShowMe app. Similar to Educreations with its whiteboard visual learning aspect but broadened a bit with more direct approach to productivity. ShowMe is a platform that is fairly new and has already captured thousands of educators attention. With 1.5 million lesson plans uploaded and shared to the platforms cloud, the app is consistently expanding its educational realm. The app has a directory of great tutorials to start off with created by the ShowMe team."Educators can use Show Me app in various ways. They can use it to easily explain a range of topics from math to chemistry to music theory. They can also use it to Grade student work with commentary explaining the reasoning behind their performance. Show Me can also be use to deliver short and concise lessons to students or even get them to share these lessons between each other"(article). The apps sharing feature between the cloud is a great way of sharing an enormous amount of information between thousands of students and educators. 

An absolutely intriguing new augmented reality application, Zookasm has been blowing people away. The augmented reality application uses targets that can be printed, the application then reads them and voila you have a miniature 4D animal displayed on your smartphone. Weather and lighting effects can be added to expand the realism. Educators have recently used the app to have students match animals to their specified habitats. Students can also take pictures and videos so they can label each animal into classification. The application is young and still being updated but gives users a great visual learning experience with a realistic 4D animal right on their tablet or smartphone.

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