Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Week 2 Blog: Useful Tips When Using Google Drive

For this weeks blog I am going to go over a couple tips to utilize google drive. I only started using google drive about 2 weeks ago and I am already using it for two different college class assignments. Google Drive acts as a cloud for all of your google software and devices (google+, google docs, Gmail, etc). Drive allows you to explore, save and share information all over the web. Here are a few tips I've learned so far. 

A feature of google drive I have been currently using in a few of my classes is the docs sharing. Drive allows you to share and collaborate on a document with other people. This way theres no back and forth emails or texts about a certain paper or project you and other students are working on, you can simply add your work to the project, whenever, wherever. Theres also a chat enabled with the document so you can message back and forth on the same screen as the document, how cool is that? I was stoked about it. The chat makes it easy for me to communicate with my other partners on our project at the same time as we add and edit our work. 
This week I read chapter 6 in "The Connected Educator" for class. The chapter was about building your PLN (personal learning network). The chapter went over how to start a PLN and how to use and preserve it. First you must think of what your PLN is going to be used for (profession, education, etc) and then build off of what your main goal of our PLN is. The chapter described ways of connecting within the community. A way of doing this would be to follow people who have the same interests and profession as you. Follow people you can learn from and always make sure to web check them before following them. Checking your PLN everyday and making sure to participate on it is a good way of preserving it. 

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